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Community Legal Clinics

Our clinic program offers free legal information and in-person meetings to the general public.

This innovative outreach program aims to reach people in need of legal assistance by going into the community itself. The purpose of the program is to convey legal information to the public on various issues. In addition, the clinics allow in-person meetings with our staff and volunteer attorneys.

Upcoming Clinics

Recent Clinics


October 13th 2015- Jefferson Community Awareness Day in Avondale, Louisiana

October 17th-Central City Senior Center in New Orleans, Louisiana

October 29th- Concordia Parish “Lawyers in the Library” in Ferriday, Louisiana

November 13th 2015- Peace Lake Towers in New Orleans, Louisiana

November 15th 2015- Bike Easy Event in New Orleans, Louisiana

November 19th 2015- Families Helping Families Webinar in Harvey, Louisiana

January 15th 2015- LCJC Services Presentation at Youth Empowerment Project in New Orleans, Louisiana

January 18th 2015- Hollygrove Carrollton Senior Center in New Orleans, Louisiana

March 3rd 2015-Arabic Civil Legal Issues Clinic in New Orleans, Louisiana

We rely on attorneys who generously volunteer their time and expertise to keep our programs running; please consider joining our efforts.

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