Mar 17, 2017

Justice Tour 2017- LCJC is back on the road!

March 15th 2017
Contact: Jesse Rafert, Operations Manager
(504) 355-0983 • Email:
Louisiana Civil Justice Center Launches “Justice Tour”

NEW ORLEANS- In March 2017, The Louisiana Civil Justice Center (LCJC) will embark on its second “Justice Tour.” LCJC launched the Justice Tour in 2016 to address overwhelming legal need in the poorest and most underserved rural parishes of the state. The first tour visited 15 different parishes, providing over 500 people with direct legal assistance and, through new partnerships with libraries and local organizations,
sharing critical information about existing legal resources at the local and statewide levels with rural communities. In recognition of its success in raising awareness about barriers to justice in rural Louisiana, the tour was honored with the Louisiana State Bar Association’s 2016 “Legal Services Innovation” award.


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